I hope you see many bunnies.


I like to take a strolling about my neighborhood in the evening. On Sundays and Mondays when my husband is home I can go out right when the sun is setting and walk for miles in circles around my cute little neighborhood with my headphones on, listening to NPR podcasts because I am in fact that cool. I call these walks my “Bunny Walks.” A little forest rings around where I live and little brown fluffy bunnies come out to nibble on lawns in the cool evening air. I count the bunnies as I walk.

I have rules I’ve set for bunny counting.  I can only count each individual bunny once, so if it’s in the same lawn on my second pass around the neighborhood I can’t count it again. If a lawn that didn’t originally have a bunny on it gets a bunny on my second lap I have to discern if it’s a bunny I’ve seen before that’s moved to a new yard or a new bunny that’s hopped out of the woods.  These are my bunny rules.  An average count on a Bunny Walk is 4. On a great night I might see 7. I always report my bunny count to my husband when I get back.

Tonight before my walk, as I was untangling my headphones and deciding which podcast to listen to (it was Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson) my husband said to me “I hope you see many bunnies.”  I decided I like that as a salutation in everyday situations.  “I hope you see many bunnies.”

Think about it. Is there a situation where you wouldn’t be delighted to see bunnies? If you were walking into your job and you saw a bunny outside the door to your building, nibbling on some grass and being fluffy, wouldn’t that make a great start to your day? No matter if customers were being rude or if your boss was scheduling pointless meetings, you could think about that sweet little bun bun that might still be outside on your walk to your car. Stressed out about going to the dentist?  Bunny. Dinner with your in-laws? Bunny. Traffic making you late?  Hey, look at all those bunnies frolicking on the side of the road. Bunnies make everything better.

So, as you go about your day, that is my wish to you.  I hope you see many bunnies.

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