Be it ever so humble


We bought a house!

Like, today. Just now. The ink is still wet on the paperwork and I don’t know what any of the light switches do. I’ve been told they turn lights on, but I’m not certain. They might make the roof fly off. But I digress.


We’ve been living in my mom’s house for the last two years. My husband had been working for a theater that shut down and neither of us could find full time work living in the area we had been in for the previous decade, so we packed up and moved in with my mom. It was so generous and awesome of my mom to let us in and it continues to blow my mind how she’s tolerated us for the last two years.

Living here has never really felt like home, though. I’ve always been very conscious of the fact that I live in my mother’s house, not in my home. Now we have a home! We have to paint and move boxes and furniture and all of that, but we have our own place to live now.  I won’t feel guilty about taking a long shower, since it will be my own hot water that I’m using. I won’t be worried about the crying baby keeping anyone else awake because no one else will be there to keep up. I’ll buy whatever food I want to cook and run the dishwasher however often I want. I can do whatever I want, because it’s my home!

Getting a mortgage is one of the suckier parts of being an adult. I’ve lived all of my adult life up to this point renting. It’s phenomenal how stressful trying to gather the sundry nonsense a bank requires before they decide if you’re worthy of sending them a good chunk of your income for the next billion years. Once they have everything it’s like winning the lamest carnival prize. “Yay!” you exclaim, having just given a bank every statement, pay sub, tax return, blood sample, and dream journal you’ve ever had. “Now I get to stress out about if I’m good enough of a person to own a house!” Getting the approval is pretty great, though. But, since I was brought up Catholic I think everything can go wrong. I was at the actual closing signing the paperwork waiting for the mortgage dude to say “Oh wait, it looks like we can’t let you buy this house. Sorry.” Since that didn’t happen, we have a house!


One thought on “Be it ever so humble

  1. Kathy Ledin

    Awesome congrats to you both!!!! So happy for you and your family, enjoy your new home!!! Many years of health and happiness for your family xoxoxo

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